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The Directors recognise the importance of quality control for the Group’s products. The Group has a quality control and assurance team of 634 staff members in the PRC. The Group has established and implemented a quality management system covering each production process, from the sourcing of raw materials to finished goods. Yueyang Road factory of C & H Suzhou in Taicang, and the Company’s factory in Shenzhen, the PRC, were awarded certificates on 28th November, 2000 and 12th January, 2001 by China Quality Certification Centre for Import and Export and AOQC Moody International, Inc. respectively, for having achieved the ISO 9002: 1994 and ISO 9001: 1994 standards, respectively. These certificates are an accreditation of the Group’s product quality and quality management system. The Group is also in the process of preparing for its application for approval in compliance with the standards of ISO 9002 for Liutai Road factory of C & H Suzhou and Banjie Street factory of C & H Suzhou in Taicang.

In the raw material procurement stage, incoming raw materials are subject to detailed quality inspection on a random sampling basis before use in the production process to ensure that such materials comply with the Group’s quality standards. All raw materials which are found to be below the Group’s quality standards will be returned to the suppliers. During the production stage, inspections are routinely performed after each of the production stages such as cutting, sewing, stuffing and finishing. Upon completion of the production process, all the finished products are subject to further quality assurance test to ensure that they comply with the Group’s quality standards.

All the Group’s products bear the relevant safety marks or comply with the relevant safety requirements. The Group maintains in-house test laboratories in Shenzhen and Taicang, which are primarily responsible for physical, mechanical, flammability and heavy metal (toxicity) tests in compliance with the safety requirements of the places to which the Group’s products are exported, such as “EN71 part 1, 2 and 3” (the European Standard on Safety of Toys) for Europe, “ASTM F963-96a” (the American Society for Testing and Materials) for the US, AS 1647 (Children’s Toy Safety Requirement) for Australia and Japan Toy Safety Standard for Japan. The Group’s testing laboratory in Shenzhen was accredited by China National Accreditation Committee for Laboratories (“CNACL”) to conduct chemical tests for migration of heavy metal, lead test on toy safety and physical and mechanical tests and is currently applying for accreditation on flammability tests. The Shenzhen laboratory meets the relevant requirements of the ISO 9001 series of standards and the criteria set by CNACL also meets the requirements of ISO/IEC Guild-25, the general requirements for the competence of calibration and testing laboratories which has been the internationally recognised basic requirements for accreditation of laboratories. Testings are carried out prior to and after production of the toy product and any unusual deviations are promptly investigated and corrected.

For test categories which cannot be conducted in the Group’s laboratories in Shenzhen or Taicang, including tests such as azo dye, formaldehyde, total cadmium, vibration test and colourfastness to saliva, the Group sends the sample to outside testing laboratories with accreditation from Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme and/or CNACL for testing to ensure its testing quality.


The Group places great emphasis on product development and research and development and the Group’s management attributes a significant part of the Group’s success to its ability to develop and produce new products and models to meet changing market demands. The product development, research and development team of the Group is responsible for developing new products, conducting research and developing products according to designs of customers and providing detailed production engineering for the whole production process. The research and development team sources new textures, develops products with the latest colour trends in outer shell fabrics and trims to create new products while the product development team focuses on the design and execution of new products.

For ODM customers, the Group’s research and development team develops new design functions and models in accordance with prevailing market trends together with creative ideas from its product development team. These new designs, functions and models are made into samples and sent for testing before approval for mass production. These new products are then introduced to the Group’s ODM customers. For OEM customers, the majority of products manufactured by the Group follow the designs and samples of its customers. When the Group is provided with a concept or graphic presentation of the proposed products without detailed specifications as to the final products, the product development team assists customers in developing the desired products as well as with the production process in order to meet the functional requirements and improve efficiency and quality in production.

Its capacity to offer expertise in design, engineering, modelling, tooling and other technical know-how to its customers enable the Group to attract recurring orders from customers, particularly those requiring high production and engineering design standards.





China Quality Certification Centre for Import and Export


ISO 9002

Moody International Certification Ltd.


ISO 9000

AOQC Moody International, Inc.


ISO 9001

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Certificate of Quality Licence for Export Products


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Certificate of Quality Licence for Export Products


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