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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Company Vision

For the past few years, Dream International has achieved continuous steady growth despite the headwinds presented by the complicated and challenging international market environment. This success was in large measure due to the dedicated efforts of all employees under the leadership of the Board to counter the challenges by bringing the synergies in our fabric, plush toys, plastic figures and ride-on toys manufacturing operations into full play. As we realize the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) to our business, the Company will focus on the development of our own system aimed at better fulfilling that responsibility. This is part of our continuous endeavours to refine our approach to addressing our environmental, social and ethical responsibilities along with improving our corporate governance.

In 2013, the Company has implemented its CSR strategy across the organization by deeply embedding social responsibility into daily operations, and enhancing its training efforts in social responsibility, thus resulting in a significantly increased focus and effective performance to achieve its CSR goals.

Looking ahead, Dream International will adhere to these strategic guidelines as it diligently executes its CSR planning. Towards this end, it will proactively adapt to industry trends and fluctuations, grasp development opportunities, cultivate its capability to innovate as part of its ongoing efforts to contribute to a better society. Implementing this strategy should generate greater value for all of our stakeholders including our shareholders, customers, and employees as well as the communities where we work and live.

In particular, we resolve to

  • Ensure compliance with all applicable local and international environmental regulations in all of our operations
  • Adopt and encourage practices that prevent or minimize pollution and optimize efficient use of energy and natural resources
  • Not employ child labor, forced labor or prison labor
  • Treat each employee with dignity and respect and value their contribution
  • Not tolerate corporal punishment, threats of violence or other forms of harassment or abuse
  • Respect employees’ freedom of association and their rights to collective bargaining, and provide appropriate channels to express grievances
  • Provide employees with a safe and healthy working and living environment
  • Implement a system of performance-linked incentives for employees to encourage continual improvement
  • Ensure that employees in different positions are aware of the CSR policies and activities and understand their own role in contributing to improvements through dedicated regular training

By following these steps, we can create a framework that incorporates best CSR practices and provides business, social and environmental benefits. In this way, Dream International can balance growth with the welfare of our employees, the needs of society and the protection of the environment.


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